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Types of Fences & FAQ's

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Q: How long will a fence last?

A: There are many factors that affect the life of a fence, including climate, soil conditions and materials used. You can expect a properly installed fence will last a long time, as long as it is appropriately maintained. Your A-1 Fence professional can help you decide which type of fence severs your needs best.

Q: How do I clean a Vinyl Fence?

A: For Mildew/ Mold Normal Cleaning:
1 cup of Simple Green to 1 gallon of water. Applied with a soft cloth rinsed with water.

For Mildew/ Mold Dirty Cleaning:
1 cup of Simple Green to 1 cup of water. Applied with a soft cloth rinsed with water.

For Hardwater and Hardware stains:
Rustaid, CLR or Vinegar applied with a terry cloth rag or soft brush rinsed with water.

Q: Which is better wood or Vinyl fencing?

A: Both are great products, however it depends on your needs. Vinyl does cost more initially than a wood fence, but your over all investment is much less! No more warped boards, rusty nails, painting or staining.

Q: What kind of warranty does a Vinyl fence have?

A: A-1 Fence provides vinyl customers a lifetime manufactures warranty certificate upon completion. This warranty covers manufacture defects. Also it covers any chipping, peeling, cracking, corroding or rusting.

Q: Is all Chain Link the same?

A: No. You can use different diameters of post and top rail. Also instead of the typical metal color there are green, black and brown vinyl clad color options.

Q: What are the standard colors for Aluminum fence?

A: Aluminum fences come in black, white or bronze powder coated finish.

Q: Is Aluminum fencing sturdy?

A: Yes. It is important to match the correct grade and height of fence with each fencing application. There are 3 grades of Aluminum fencing Residential and Commercial and Industrial. Depending on your needs and situations a A-1 Fence professional can help you decide which will best work for you.

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